Pool Rules

Membership Rules and Guest Policy

● All members and guests must sign in upon arrival, and sign out at departure.

● The gates and front door are always to remain closed and locked. Lock code is for members only and must NOT be shared. If nonmembers enter without a member present as a result of you sharing the code, it will be considered a rule violation and may result in loss of membership.

● Pool members are responsible for their guests. Guests are only allowed to visit with a pool member in attendance. You may not let a guest in and then leave.

● Members with family memberships are allowed 3 free guests at one time. A $5.00 per person fee for over 3 guests is required. Single membership holders must pay $5.00 for each guest, maximum of 3 guests per visit. Fee is to be paid at time of attendance in podium dropbox.

● NO more than 10 total in a party at one time for family memberships. This includes the members listed on your family membership (See private parties for an event exceeding a group of 10.)

Safety Rules

● NO LIFEGUARDS are on duty. Parents are responsible for supervising their children in the pool and on the property.

● No children under age 14 allowed at the pool without adult supervision. If a minor does not exhibit responsible behavior, he/she will no longer be allowed to visit without adult supervision. If an adult child in the household does not abide by pool rules, it will be considered a rule violation and may result in loss of membership.

● For everyone’s safety, NO RUNNING.

● Absolutely NO GLASS containers anywhere on premises.

● NO DIVING in shallow end of pool.

● Only one person at a time on slide and diving board.

● Maximum weight of 100 lbs or age of 12 on the slide.

● Go down slide FEET FIRST only.

● Please DO NOT stand on or play with pool rope.

General Rules

● Smoking/vaping is NOT allowed within pool area or near the fence line. Please smoke by tree out front and dispose of cigarette butts appropriately. This policy includes e-cigs, vapes, etc.

● NO ALCOHOL on pool property.

● NO PROFANITY or abusive language of any sort.

● NO spitting, urinating or blowing nose in pool.

● Eating is only allowed at picnic tables/pavilion.


● NO PETS within pool area.

● Please clean up after yourselves. Spills and crumbs cause problems with insects.

● All members are allowed to respectfully hold one another responsible for following pool rules and regulations.

The Board has the right to terminate membership to anyone who abuses use of facility or violates rules. Terminated memberships are ineligible for renewal the following season and are subject to review thereafter. Additionally, terminated members may not visit the pool as guests of another member.

Help Keep Robindale Pool Clean

Viruses, Bacteria (such as E. coli ) and Protozoa are the causes in most swimming pool-related sickness outbreaks. Mucus, saliva, blood and skin of infected swimmers can directly contaminate pool water with sufficient pathogens to cause infections in other swimmers. Feces are a particular danger in pools. A single fecal release in a pool could contaminate millions of gallons of water. The unfortunate truth is that chlorinated swimming pools can and do transmit disease. Swimmers should not rely solely on the pool's chemical treatments, and should heed the following precautions:

• Do not swallow pool water. Children sometimes jokingly spit pool water back into the pool or at their friends, but this is dangerous, as some of it may be swallowed.

• Shower with soap and water before and after swimming.

• Wash your hands with soap and water after using a toilet or changing diapers.

• Remove small children from pools for bathroom breaks and check diapers often.

• Change diapers in a bathroom, not beside the pool.

• Wash children, especially their rear ends, thoroughly with soap and water before they enter a pool.

• Do not swim when you have diarrhea. Diarrhea can be transmitted in pool water weeks after symptoms cease.

• Do not wipe mucus from nose with hands and then put hands in the pool water. Get out, wipe nose with a tissue, and then wash hands before returning to the pool.